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The Marsh

The Marsh

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The Marsh

Limited Edition of 500 (Limited Editions include all media types/sizes)

The origin of the Camargue horse remains relatively unknown, most likely from Spain, although it is generally considered one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world. For centuries, possibly thousands of years, these white horses have lived wild in the harsh environment of the Camargue marshes and wetlands of the Rhône delta, guarded by the Camargue "cowboys". Camargue horses galloping through water is a popular and romantic image of the region.

Camargue Collection 

Size Available: 3:1- 80X27, 72X24, 75X25, 60X20; 2:1-90X45, 80X40, 60X30 (Inches)

Media Types: Acrylic Mount or Canvas; Framed or Unframed

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