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Life's Path Illuminated

Life's Path Illuminated

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Life’s Path Illuminated

Limited Edition of 500 (Limited Editions include all media types/sizes)

Bahia Honda Railway Bridge is unlike any other bridge you’ll find in the Florida Keys. The Bahia Honda bridge was the hardest of all bridges to build in Flagler’s railroad. When the hurricane of 1935 forced the closure of the railroad, the bridge was revamped for cars. The lower level, which the trains had used, was too narrow for two lanes of cars, so they built the road on the top level. This must have been an amazing ride, and it was in use for decades. In fact, if you drove to Key West before 1972, your only choice was the road atop the old bridge. This old bridge is a metaphor to life as the bridge declines from it’s beginning to end.

Southeastern USA Collection

Size Available: 90X45, 80X40, 60X30, 48X24 (Inches)

Media Types: Acrylic Mount or Canvas; Framed or Unframed

Copyright Shreve Fine Art

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