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Daybreak and Boulders

Daybreak and Boulders

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Daybreak and Boulders

Limited Edition of 500 (Limited Editions include all media types/sizes)

As the day breaks over the East horizon of Koeohoe Beach in Eastern New Zealand the Moeraki Boulders lying on the beach are illuminated by all the colors from the sunrise as the ocean tides move in and out of the boulders. It’s rare to catch such a beautiful sunrise in any location but, this morning was just a majestic scene of light and color. Koeohoe Beach is famous for these boulders as they are a geological anomaly not frequently found. Shreve captured this image on a several week trek throughout the South Island of New Zealand.

New Zealand Collection

Size Available: 60X45, 40X30 or 20X15 (Inches)

Media Types: Acrylic Mount or Canvas; Framed or Unframed

Copyright Shreve Fine Art


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