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Bow to Stern - Black and White

Bow to Stern - Black and White

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Bow to Stern - Black and White

Limited Edition of 500 (Limited Editions include all media types/sizes)

Sailing vessels busting through the Deep Blue Ocean waves just off the coast of St Tropez France, the Les Voiles Sailing Regatta is a sight to see especially from the air as Shreve captures all the intense excitement from helicopter. The Les Voiles races date back to the 18th century at Saint-Tropez with prominence in French maritime history. The Sailors who gather each year at St Tropez continue this long-standing tradition.

Les Voiles Collection

Size Available: 60X45, 40X30 and 20X15 (Inches)

Media Types: Acrylic Mount or Canvas; Framed or Unframed

Copyright Shreve Fine Art

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